Manufacturing & Quality

We manufacture both handmade jewelry findings and by casting process. our city Jaipur is the biggest manufacturing center for handmade jewelry so most of our handmade jewelry findings are manufactured by local craftsmen. we also owns a small studio where we create beautiful jewelry findings by lost wax casting and rubber mold spin casting.

We manufacture beads & findings in these specific metals:

925 Sterling silver
Pewter (Tin Base)
Manufacturing begins with sourcing the best available raw materials, Fine 9999 Sterling silver, raw copper and other base metals. it begins with rolling the metals, stamping the sheets to cut the desired shape, soldering the beads and give the product a brush finish / scratch finish / matte finish or high glossy finish by hands only. our facility is situated in Jaipur, a world know handmade jewelry
colored gem stones manufacturing hub.

wax tree making

wax tree of bead caps

wax tree of large hole beads

spin casting or centrifugal rubber casting

flasks are ready for investment

burnout furnace for flask 

Precious Metals plating:

Our beads and findings are available in many different precious metal platings. please check below for colors and description.

Real Gold Plating

We offer real gold plating in various karat gold plating
 9 kt  |  14 kt   |  18 kt  | 22 kt  |  24 kt

Fine Silver Plating

Plated with fine 999 silver

Rose Gold Plating

Real rose gold plating

Gunmetal Black Color

Dark black gunmetal color

Genuine Copper Plating

Genuine copper plating

Rhodium Plating

Real rhodium plating

Antique Silver Finish

Fine silver plating with antique finish

Antique Gold Finish

Real gold plating with antique finish