Gold Plated Curved Tube Pipe Beads - 40mm

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Color: Gold
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This 24k gold plated 39 / 40mm curved tube bead is a great way to decorate most jewelry wires and thinner fibers. Since it is a handmade product length may vary 39 to 40 mm. Incorporate this great spacer bead into your designs when you want them to stand out. The larger size of this tube bead makes it possible to use with lots of fun fibers, like leather and silk ribbons. With a wide enough hole-diameter, feel free to use this bead on elastic cord, silk ribbons, and leather. The slight curvature in this bead will give your designs a more attractive drape. 

Size: 39 to 40 mm, since it is a handmade product length may vary 39 to 40 mm

Hole size: 2 mm

Qty: 7 pcs

Material: Real gold plated over copper

SKU# 542

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