5mm - 190pc Large silver jump rings, Saw Cut silver plated open round jumprings for jewelry making, O rings, metal jump rings 20 Gauge

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Be prepared for every project and keep a supply of jump rings in your stash. Its brilliant silver shine will give your next idea just a hint of rich flair while complementing any color scheme. Try it in a dainty necklace or bracelet design to attach a dangling charm or other small component to your idea. HIGH Quality Manufacturing - Those beautiful open jump rings are handmade cut by hand saw and plated with Real silver over high quality Copper wire rings. The Saw Cut Jump Ring have flush cut, both ends are Highly finished and seems is virtually invisible with naked eyes, it is cut by highly trained craftsmen. Create lasting designs with the help of the open jump ring. 

Gauge: 20 AWG | 0.8 mm Thick

Size: 5 mm

Quantity: 190 pcs

Type: Open Jump Ring, Split type

Material: Real silver Plated over solid Copper

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SKU# 919


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