Raw Brass Tribal Boho Ethnic Charms - 20mm

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Color: Brass
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Create beautiful jewelry inspired by the Tribal / boho / macrame collection, 20mm - 4pcs Raw Brass Tribal Geometric Charms, Boho Pendants For Jewelry Makings And Macrame. This charm features an abstract circular shape made up of swirling spirals. The back of this charm is blank. There is a loop at the top of each charm so it is easy to add it them your designs. This versatile charm can be used as an accent in necklaces and bracelets and can even be showcased in earrings. It features a warm raw brass glow, perfect for pairing with earth tones. STOCK UP NOW...!!!

Material :- Raw Brass

Length :- 20mm

Quantity :- 4pcs

Style :- Boho , Tribal

SKU# :-3038



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