Gold Plated Star and Moon Charms

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Color: Gold
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In the world of jewelry crafting, few symbols are as enchanting as the celestial duo of stars and moons. Whether you're an aspiring jewelry designer or a seasoned artisan, incorporating star and moon charms into your creations is a surefire way to add a touch of celestial magic.

At our shop, you can shop your beads wisely, with a stunning collection of gold-plated star and moon charms, including half moon charms and various designs. These moon charms for jewelry making are perfect for creating celestial-inspired jewelry pieces that capture the allure of the night sky.


Size: moon size is 9mm and star size is 8mm

Qty: 29 stars 41 moon (approximate)

Material: Gold plated over brass

SKU# 00262

What's more, we offer bulk charms for jewelry making, ensuring you have an abundant supply to fuel your creative projects. Our wholesale charms for jewelry making make it easy to stock up on these captivating symbols of the cosmos.

Craft your own celestial masterpiece today with our exquisite star and moon charms. Explore our collection and let your imagination take flight!

Need more? Just send us a message through the contact us form or instant chat. Bulk pricing is available!

All our items are for adult jewelry/craft making use only, not intended for children under the age of 15.



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