How to Buy Wholesale also offer jewelry supplies at wholesale prices. you would require the SKU (stock keeping unit) number to start with which you can easily find below the title on product page (on both Desktop & Mobile). Then make a list of the SKU numbers of the item you wish to purchase and required quantity.

See the Example to find the SKU number in image below.

Once you have the list ready send it to . upon receiving the potential order list we will create the proforma invoice and will send it to you for conformation along all terms and conditions.

After your confirmation we will provide you final invoice.

Payment term |  wholesale orders

For wholesale orders payment term will be:

  • 50% advance at the time of order placing.
  • Remaining amount before shipping.

Visit Payment page to learn more about payment to

Quality Control |  wholesale orders

When the merchandises are ready to be shipped, it is the customer responsible to obtain quality control representative to check the merchandises at supplier office or factory. If customer do not have the representative, supplier could help suggest a representative for our customer on customer expense. If the representative should find any damage products and in the case that supplier have sufficient time supplier will repair the product before sending the parcel. In the event it take too long, supplier will either ship it out partially & send the remaining shipment later with other shipment or leave the remaining out altogether in the case that if the remaining order is too small quantity and not worth the trouble sending unless pre agreed with supplier in written agreement.

Insurance | wholesale orders

Goods are sent at buyers risk and insurance has to be arranged by buyer, unless pre arranged and accept by supplier in a written agreement.

Shipping wholesale orders

Shipping will be arrange as per customer's requirement

There are three shipping methods:-

(1) First class mail - USPS
(2) E.M.S.
(3) By Air freight
(4) The express shipping by DHL, UPS, FEDEX.

There will be custom handling charges depends upon quantity.

Production Period | wholesale orders

Approximate 3 - 6 weeks after receipt confirmation of order and deposit paid into our bank account. However, the period can be changed subject to the volume of each order or any unforeseen circumstance, i.e. shortage of raw materials, etc.



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